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Monday, October 4, 2010

Too hungry to sleep

It's hard to sleep when your hungry. I layed awake considering the pros and cons of getting up to eat; if I ate something I could sleep, but then our meager supplies would be less. Hunger won out. I found myself in the kitchen at 4am slathering salt-free margerine on toast-and drinking a big glass of water to help me feel full. The tomato soup and two slices of bread for supper just didn't cut it. I was able to sleep after that although still dreaming of food.

I've measured out our oatmeal and it will run out on Wednesday, so I measured out 2 days of cerel for breakfast, the rest of the cerel serves as part of our lunch. Today, dry cerel and 4 ritz crackers. I must say it is shocking to me the affects this diet has on my energy level, my thinking and my moods. I'm getting used to the dizzy spells every time I get up, but when the blood sugar dives, thats when I feel like I could eat anything. Today after work, I was so hungry, I slathered margerine on bread and coated it with sugar...sound disgusting? I went back for seconds....then I ate cerel, then I fried an egg...then I felt ...gross! That was supper!

All the bread is gone, I wonder if I will just eat the margarine with a spoon soon? (just kidding). We have some rolls left, 4 hotdogs, 3 eggs, our rice and tuna, and a 1/2 box of crackers. Today Larry went and stood in line for the perishables, he brought home two rotting peppers, a decent yellow pepper, and 2 onions. He also got some homo milk and a small individual container of fruit salad that was expired. I was so happy, I salvaged what I could of the peppers,--I will use to cook with the eggs we have left, and maybe try to make a 'hotdog, fried rice dish?'. I ate three peices of fresh pineapple--unbelievable...there are just no words. It's worth it to go and stand in the line.

This thankgiving has a whole new perspective for me. I have so much to be thankful for.

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